It was the passion of one man, Deepak Gupta, who was determined to follow his heart and his belief - that food should be about taste, not geographical limitations - that led to the birth of 'The Global Kitchen' in 2006. The core ideology of the company is just this, that taste should be determined not by geological boundaries but, by the palate.

The roots of Global Kitchen can be traced back to 1999 when Deepak founded one of Noida's finest restaurants – The Fortune Cookie. A fine dining restaurant, it rose to prominence and received many accolades.

In 2003, Fortune Cookie was rated the No.1 standalone restaurant in Delhi and NCR by HT Food Guide. In 2009 it was named the best Chinese restaurant in Noida by the Times Food Guide.

The world of F&B is something Deepak has been deeply involved with for over fifteen years. He brings his unique experience, years of laborious research and and his enduring passion to his brand. Global Kitchen has catered for more than three thousand weddings, receptions, corporate events and private parties, to name a few.

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